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Meet Lidia - Our Benal Beach Property Management Agent
How to get to Benal Beach

Benal Beach is located only 10 KM from Malaga airport and thhere are various ways of getting to it from Malaga airport.


  •  You can hire a taxi from just outside the arrivals hall. This will probably cost you somewhere in the region of 25 euros.

  •  There is also a bus service that leaves outside of the arrivals hall. This is probably the cheapest way to travel but will take  longer to reach the resort.

  • Another way is to exit the arrivals hall and right in front of you is the Train station with an automatic ticket machine. The       machine is easy to use. To change the language when using the machine, press the button labelled “idioma”. Buy single (sencillo) ticket to Arroyo. Get off at Arroyo, go up the escalator and to the right is a taxi rank. Get a taxi for Benal Beach. The taxi to Benal Beach from Arroyo is approx. 5 euros.


Note: Trains runs about every 30 minutes but until about 22:55 pm

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